SureSmile-Robot1Ortho SureSmile brings together three (3) orthodontists, all pioneers of the SureSmile® process, all leading experts in digital orthodontics. Ortho SureSmile members hold a specialist diploma in orthodontics. They are expert orthodontists who have gone through two to three extra years of university training, following their basic training in dentistry. Using the SureSmile® technology makes a treatment 25% more efficient, according to the WORLD OF JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS, and cuts down treatment duration by 40%.

Our members have used the SureSmile® process in several hundred treatments, and they are actively involved in its development.

Dr. Valois was even invited to explain the process on the TV show “Les Docteurs” (broadcasted March 7, 2012). Watch the show (in French) here:

Our members will advise you in a professional and honnest manner. Feel free to contact us for all your SureSmile® and traditional orthodontics needs.